School Principal Message

The greatest gift the world can give the future generation is a sound education and good moral values. The knowledge we impart to the pupils today is what will steer them through the ups and down of life and give them then the courage to take the right decision and follow the right course of action at the right moment. Hence it is very important not to have a monetary Price tag on education.
Concept based learning and application based knowledge should be within the reach of the common man. In school it is the sacred duty of teacher to imbibe in the pupils ethical values bring out the latent talents and ensure the development of body mind and spirit.The teaching fraternity needs to realize that their impact on the child is immense & lasting It is nothing less than the destiny of the child in the distant future.
Stress free education in a troubled world of cut throat competition without diluting the quality is another aspect of the teaching learning process which has to be given great importance –for “the whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying in after ward”.At K.V. Idukki a holistic approach to learning is followed .The institution is an embodiment of all that one desires to see in an educational institution – international perspectives, self discipline, secular democratic and intellectual values without prejudice, ethics in public life, and individual care. The school is committed towards developing all the aspects of a child’s personality and has steadily metamorphosed into an institution to be reckoned with!! Warm regards